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Mar 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
governor of colorado signed into to law some of the toughest safety measures of the country. >> the new law extipds background checks. it closes a loophole that had exempted firearm sales at gun shows from back ground checks. the laws also limit the size of ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and eight shotgun shells. >> but even that progress was tainted by tragedy. he signed the legislation just hours after members of his own cabinet was shutdown. he was gunned down in his own home last night. clemens was fate lay shot after answering his door. police are still looking for his killer. earlier hicken looper mourned the loss. >> i think the cabinet is good with this, we go forward with our work. it's the kind of thing that tom would have understood, i think. and, and would have supported. >> yet republicans in that state say they will fight the new gun laws. >> it proves that we have the gun control governor here in colorado. and the myth is busted that no one can any longer think of he him as a moderate democrat. >> today marks the eightth month anniversary of the shooting in aurora, colorad
Mar 15, 2013 12:00am PDT
's got bills to pay, he struggles in the middle class like anybody else. he has a dream to go to law school and he's -- really, here's another thing about him that i think you should know. he's a bartender. this is interesting. bartenders are in the service and hospitality industry, they are also some of the best armchair psychologists you can find. some of the best people readers on the earth. they can tell if somebody's in a good mood, one of the nicest people you've ever met. you know huh it is, they interact with everyone. people confide in bartenders. they tell bartenders things that they might not tell anybody else. people come into the bar, you know, that they come in happy, they come in sad, they come in after a real tough day. oftentimes they come in to celebrate. what i'm saying is that the bartender sees it all. the bartender knows people. in a way, you know, it's kind of perfect that the guy who secretly recorded mitt romney was in this industry and a bartender. you know, a working guy, a wage earner. you know, bills to pay. a guy who knows people. you know, it took him a
Mar 20, 2013 12:00am PDT
and there was this grand plan to you know, institute voter i.d. laws and laws that were terrible. so since they couldn't steal the vote then now, they're going to try to earn the vote the right way. second, i think they have to speak to the issues that matter. they have to start sounding like people who are accepting of all americans of all walks of life with different ideals. everybody doesn't have to be cut from the same cloth and doesn't have to be this template model of what a republican should look like. >> given what angela just said, the tea party has really come deereded the party at certain levels or hijacked it. how do they stand up to the tea party without losing a serious purchase on the conservative almost here? conservatives are not identical with the tea parties. how do they make that distinction? >> i'm not sure they can. i think the tea party and the way that they have mobilized themselves scares everyone who is a current member of congress to death. because they're afraid that if they go too far to the center, they're going to be primary. so this is constant threat. by the way, even
Mar 13, 2013 8:00pm PDT
into minnesota law, which ten years later, just about, we voted that down. i'm proud of that. minnesota citizens looked at that again this fall because legislatures did vote to put it on the ballot. it was wrong nine years ago and i think it was still wrong. voting in that circumstance, not just for me, but for our state, i'm hopeful now for our nation that people will recognize we shouldn't be discriminating and have laws on the book that discriminate against our friends, our neighbors and fellow citizens. >> what you did yesterday in minnesota is something i have never seen. it wasn't just a public apology, but you did it in the body you used to work. what was it like to go back in there in that role and tell them what you had to tell them? >> it was very freeing. the emotion came because it literally occurred to me as i sat down, this is a public apology. i was there to say trust me when i tell you that you can vote your conscience and your own compass and be okay. i should have done it. i regretted i didn't do it. it was -- it was very liberating quite honestly. >> lynne, cannot thank you en
Mar 18, 2013 8:00pm PDT
consent needs to begin much earlier, that they believed they were above the law, and that when they were documenting it, they didn't realize that what they were doing is creating evidence in a criminal case. they believed that because the coach had their backs, which suggests that this is a long-standing cultural issue, that absolutely nothing would happen to them. so instead of focusing on the victims' behavior, what we should be focusing on is how do we intervene in this culture that tells boys that they don't have to respect women as humans, and if they sexually humiliate young girls, absolutely nothing will happen to them. if there's anything we can learn from this one verdict, it is the fact that people need to understand what consent is and intervene in a toxic culture of mass cue lynnity. >> speaking about the toxic culture of masculinity, you of course spent a great deal of time away from the clamor trying to educate young women and young men about these issues. the mother of the victim actually delivered a statement in court to the defendants. she said in part, your decisions th
Mar 12, 2013 5:00pm PDT
york city tried to cap the size of sugary drinks, but a judge said the law couldn't be applied fairly. sarah palin got into the action tweeted victory in new york city for liberty loving soda drinkers. politicians with too much time on their hands, i say stay out of my refrigerator. bloomberg compares regulating sugary drinks to smoking. one study shows for the first time in world history, more people will die of obesity related illnesses than hunger. >> it was not a setback for me. in case you hadn't noticed, i watch my diet. this is not for me. the cost of health care is running away with the budget and obesity is going to be one of the primary drivers if the trend continues. just cannot afford it. >> well, apparently, mississippi can afford it and even though the state has the highest obesity rate in the country, lawmakers passed the anti bloomberg bill to stop cities from enforcing calorie kou counts on menus and the bill keeps toys in kid's males. i'm joined tonight by richard wolffe and alex wagner, host of now at noon here on msnbc and jonathan altar. all around good guy. you,
Mar 12, 2013 8:00pm PDT
harvard law school. there are fewer declared republicans in faculty when we were there than communists. 12 would say they were marxists, and believed in the communists overthrowing the united states government. that, of course, is a complete lie. there's never been a harvard faculty member that supported overthrowing the united states government by anyone, but that's the kind of lie a sleezy liar like ted cruise can tell in texas where he thinks those people cannot spell harvard. >> and it is the kind of lie he can tell at a cpac conference. the cpac conference is a red meat conference, it is the base of the republican party base. they want to hear lots of nasty hard edge things said about democrats, particularly said about president obama, but those types of things, the stuff that comes out of there does not make for national republican candidates that can actually win a national election. sure, it might get them the republican party nomination, might win them iowa, new hampshire, any of the republican primaries, but when it comes to winning the big house, when it comes to
Mar 14, 2013 12:00am PDT
was always to go to law school. that would be a dream. i take it as it comes, see how it goes. >> do you have any regrets? do you worry about the future? >> no. once i made the decision and then, you know, i feel good about it. i feel good about the way it turned out. i don't have regrets. it turned out the way i hoped it would. i'll move forward and play it by ear and take it as it comes. >> again, to reiterate, why did you do this? why? why would you put yourself out there like this? >> people need to hear what someone believes. they needed to hear what he really thinks. he was saying the opposite in public. i felt like that, you know, to watch him on tv, that wasn't what he was saying in public. it just, you know, everybody needed to hear that. >> you knew you had a unique seat in history as to what was being said? >> i thought i could be a game changer, take him out. i thought maybe he would leave the campaign at that point. >> scott prouty, thanks for your time. thanks for doing this on "the ed show." >> thank you for speaking up for workers across america. it's the reason i'm here today
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)